British Asians Half Uncomfortable Dating Outside Of Community

British Asians Half Uncomfortable Dating Outside Of Community

From The Herald Sun

NEARLY half of British Asians would marry only someone of their own race, according to a survey published today.

A total of 44 per cent said they would not consider inter-racial marriage - almost five times higher than the figure for white Britons, of whom nine per cent said they would only marry within their race.

But 53 per cent of Britons with Asian origins said they would not mind a mixed race marriage, compared to 87 per cent for whites.

The survey, conducted by pollsters ICM for the BBC Asian Network, probed 500 people aged under 34 living in Britain but who had roots in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. ICM also questioned 235 white people aged under 34.

It found that attitudes to dating were more liberal - 53 per cent of those with Asian roots said they would consider dating someone who was white and 44 per cent a black person.
Tango’s Take First off, when Britons say Asian they mean from the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka [Ceylon for you old schoolers]). Evidently, there are not that many East Asian, Southeast Asian, or Pacific Islanders in Great Britain. Just a quick socio-linguistic lesson.

We ran a Dish on August 7th about black women dating white men in America in greater numbers. We like the trend. America’s the melting pot. Yay! The numbers in the UK are not really that bad. That 44% of people want to date and mate within their own culture is not surprising. It takes generations, typically, for people to assimilate and branch into the surrounding cultures. They need a few high-profile couples to set everything on the right path. Maybe Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’s turn as the libidinous soccer coach dating one of his Indian players in Bend It Like Beckham changed some hearts and minds. Awesome –  we managed to get Beckham into another Dish.

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