Body Fat Compatibility Important In Choosing Mate, Says Survey

Body Fat Compatibility Important In Choosing Mate, Says Survey

From The BBC

Researchers said people look for partners with similar fat levels
People often choose partners with similar body fatness to their own, according to new research.

The Aberdeen study involving 42 couples said people often married within their own social class as well as taking looks, height and race into account.

However, they have now found those with about the same amount of fat are likely to be attracted to each other.

Scientists said this "assortive mating" could be contributing to a worldwide obesity epidemic.

This, they argue, is because children who have an overweight mother and father could be more susceptible to putting on weight.
Tango’s Take First of all, we’re a little uneasy about conclusive studies that have only 42 participants. Sometimes we ask a few people in the office if an outfit looks nice, or a few people in the bar if they thought “Rock You Like A Hurricane” was the best song ever, but we don’t call it a ‘study.’ It looks like the conductors of this ‘study’ probably read the recent ‘fat’ study in The New England Journal of Medicine. The ‘fat’ study suggested that it’s your friends and acquaintances that make you fat. Essentially, if your buddies like to go eat chicken wings and guzzle Molson, then you’ll probably tag along.

This second ‘study’ looks like it is saying you choose the people you spend your time with (particularly lovers) based on the shape they are already in. This makes sense. It’s like dating someone because they like going to movies and attending soccer matches rather than liking attending soccer matches and going to movies because your lover does. Sometimes people pretend that they like things to get the interest of someone else. And sometimes people go along with things (like attending Atlanta Braves baseball games) because they know how much their ‘boyf’ or ‘girlf’ like it. Another recent study suggested that Americans now see what was once ‘overweight’ as normal as we get collectively heavier. Great. Long story short, this was a lame survey.

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