DNA Test Proves Comedian Chris Rock is Not the Father of Georgia Boy

DNA Test Proves Chris Rock is Not the Father of Georgia Boy

From The Associated Press

SAVANNAH, Georgia: A lawyer for Chris Rock said a court-ordered DNA test proved Rock is not the father of a 13-year-old Georgia boy whose mother tried to sue the comedian for paternity earlier this year.

Rock's attorney, John Mayoue of Atlanta, said Monday a judge sent results of the paternity test to lawyers on both sides of the case.

"The results of the test are that Chris Rock is not the father of this child," Mayoue said. "It is conclusive." The mother, however, disputed the test results.

Kali Bowyer, who lives west of Savannah, tried in March to file a paternity lawsuit against Rock seeking child support and medical coverage for her son, Jordan. She withdrew the lawsuit after court officials told her it was outside the jurisdiction of the county she lives in southeast Georgia, because Rock is a resident of New Jersey.

Tango’s Take All right! It looks like the star of I Think I Love My Wife loves his wife. Or we think he does. Or at least didn’t impregnate some woman from west of Savannah, Georgia. Which is a step in the right direction. We understand that comedy is ‘art,’ but a lot of his good routines have to do with the need for men to cheat. And there were some rumors of extracurricular shenanigans with co-star Kerry Washington. Maybe he should just stick with the jokes about the differences between white people and black people and movies about health care and religion.

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