Falling in Love Can Damage Health

Falling in Love Can Damage Health

From Manorama Online

London: Scientists in Britain have warned that falling in love triggers a range of physical reactions in the body that can seriously damage health.

The ups and downs of romance cause a range of physical reactions like dilation of eyes, sweating of palms and increase in heart rate. It also leads to high secretion of the hormone adrenaline and that harms the body, researchers said.

Martin Cowie, a professor at Imperial College in London, said that stress related illnesses at work arose from near-identical physical phenomena, reported the online edition of Daily Mail.

"We have seen a big rise in people complaining of flu-like symptoms over a long period of time. That is simply due to stress," Cowie said.

Tango’s Take This headline was a little surprising to us. Love sick, sure. Sick of love, maybe. Sick because of something transferred during the act of love, all the time. And it’s been sang that ‘love hurts’ and ‘love stinks.’ But sick on love? Weird. This is some terrible ‘science’ news. Yes, first dates are as stressful as job interviews. Yes, asking someone out can be humiliating. Yes, putting your feelings on the line with a potentially unreturned ‘I love you’ can as nerve-wracking as getting in a fight. And yes, walking around for a week with an engagement ring in your pocket can feel like taking the SAT, naked, in Hell and without a #2 pencil. But, love as making us sick sounds like a stretch. We’re fine with the bad parts of love (rejection, loneliness, Chlamydia and so forth) being bad for you. But let’s not take our all our aggression on love. It’s where (some) babies come from. Some people think love doesn’t exist, and they’re not just picking on love, because they don’t think friendship exists either.

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