Usher Gets Married And A Handful Of Other Celebrity Happenings

Usher Gets Married And A Handful Of Other Celebrity Happenings

This may be just a case of celebrity weltschmerz, but nothing that interesting happened over the weekend. Celebs and gossip columnists must all be on celebrity vacation. It was more or less a market correction. Here we go:

Usher and Tameka Foster got married. We barely have the energy to say it but, Yeah. After bailing on their wedding from the previous weekend (July 28th) they got hitched at his lawyer’s office. Rumors abound why they skipped last weekend’s wedding from failure to agree on plans to Usher’s mother disapproving of the match. Look over your shoulder one last time, that’s the past, we’re moving into the future.

It looks like Eddie Murphy is acknowledging his daughter with Spice Girl Mel B. Also, according to his representation, he’s not a deadbeat support-wise. His side is saying that they dated a short time and the baby was NOT planned. Maybe all he needed was 1) Mel B meeting with Eddie’s ex-wife and 2) Mel talking about starting a family with him. So he either decided that he had enough of her lip or that there was something that his ex could have shared with the public. Maybe about that thing he likes that she’s promised not to tell the press.

Houston Rockets basketballer Yao Ming got married over the past few days. And he’s not even the tallest Chinese guy to get married in the past few weeks. See July 13th's Dish on the world’s tallest man (also Chinese) getting hitched to an average-sized woman.
Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon were seen dining together sparking rumors that a reconciliation was afoot (or at hand, whatever’s clever). Phillipe has denied those rumors. Sometimes exes who share children meet. And eat. Hmm. We wonder what Jake Glyllenhaal has to say about this.

Things are not looking great in the Madonna adoption of David Banda (the little adoptee from Malawi). It appears that the social worker appointed to monitor his situation (on the Malawi side) has been denied entry to the UK. This means that David B might have to go back to his village. This is a bad deal for Madonna. Has her star fallen so much? Would anyone dare to do this to Brangelina? Speaking of which…
It looks like Australia is creating a stamp of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. That’s sort of impressive. Six Flags once put The Dish on a million dollar bill, so...