Mel B had Lunch with Eddie Murphy’s Ex-wife.

From Female

The Spice Girl, who is taking the 'Dreamgirls' actor to court to make him pay child support for their four-month-old daughter Angel Iris, was seen meeting Nicole Murphy at Beverly Hills restaurant The Ivy yesterday (02.08.07).

A source told People magazine: "They seemed really friendly towards one another. They had a private meal in the back corner, away from everyone."

Mel and Nicole, who were both wearing figure hugging dresses, laughed and whispered throughout their meeting.

The singer brought along Angel Iris, while Nicole arrived with five-year-old Bella Zahra - her youngest daughter with Eddie.

Tango’s Take

This is not going to end well. There is an unwritten rule that you are to do whatever is humanly possible to keep exes from meeting. We’re sure you haven’t seen John Tucker Must Die, but things go really poorly for John Tucker because his exes meet up. Think Nine To Five meets War Of The Roses, but less funny. Any way, Eddie’s new fiancée, Tracy Edmonds, says she could care less about the Mel B situation. Right.

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