Matrimony Industry Woos Asian Weddings Even as U.S. Reshapes Them

Matrimony Industry Woos Asian Weddings Even as U.S. Reshapes Them


Try the samosas, they're off the hook. Just put the gifts by the elephant.

From Washington Post By N.C. Aizenman

The wedding procession making its way through a Tysons Corner parking lot Saturday could have been transported from some ancient Hindu kingdom.

Women in pink and yellow saris cheered and danced to a drummer's raucous beat. Men in red and gold turbans tossed money into the air as a blessing. And the groom at the center of it all looked positively regal riding atop a majestic white mare.

But what was that in front of the horse? Top hat and tails? The incongruous outfit worn by the horse's handler, Sue Harmon, hinted at the American twist that increasingly underlies such ceremonies. A year ago, Harmon wouldn't have known a Sikh from a sheik; today they're a big part of her business: She rents out the white horse.
Tango’s Take America equals melting pot. We’re the country that fuses Japanese food with French. Some of us love soy sauce on basmati rice. Some of us think it’s adorable to wear a sari with a pair of Pumas. This is so quintessentially American. We like to take the best parts of cool foreign things and put an American twist on them. Our only advice is that you maybe keep the leather shoes out of the Indian weddings, those Hindus are fond of their cows.

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