Not Much Holiday Nookie: Passion, Vacation Don’t Mix

Not Much Holiday Nookie: Passion, Vacation Don’t Mix

From CanWest News Service By Shannon Proudfoot

Sunscreen and cameras will be stuffed into the suitcase, but massage oil and lingerie are likely to be left behind when Canadian baby boomers go on vacation, a new survey suggests.

Less than half of Canadian baby boomers (43 per cent) say they have sex while on holidays, according to results released by Ipsos Reid.

They say they have sex more often in the spring and summer months, but one-third have vacation sex only "sometimes," and 12 per cent say they rarely or never engage in adult pursuits while away from the daily grind.

"If you're in a little cabin or tent with your kids, even if your intention is, 'Let's send the kids off berry-picking and we'll have a few hours by ourselves,' it's just not going to materialize," says Vancouver sex therapist Pega Ren.

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Tango’s Take See our Dish from June 12th about travelers finding love on the road. These middle-aged Canadians clearly are not being creative enough. Have they ever heard of spilling a bottle of peach Schnapps on one of the sleeping bags so that mom and dad have to bunk together? As these stats breakdown, we wonder if the ones that never have sex on vacation have much sex back at home. Vacation is a wonderful institution; let’s not hasten to parcel any blame on vacations. We have a saying at Tango, sex on camping trips is usually in tents. Thank you!

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