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Rhode Island Says Lesbians Married In Massachusetts Can Divorce

From The Boston

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Gov. Donald Carcieri and Attorney General Patrick Lynch agree that two women can be granted a divorce by a Rhode Island court.

The governor and the attorney general have filed separate legal briefs in the case of Margaret Chambers and Cassandra Ormiston, who were married in Fall River in 2004 after gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts.

Carcieri and Lynch continue to disagree, however, on the larger issue of whether same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts should be recognized in Rhode Island. Carcieri says the state should only recognize unions between one man and one woman, while Lynch has argued that same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts should be recognized in the Ocean State.

Tango’s Take Hah. These guys must have noticed the kerfluffle in Oklahoma about a lesbian couple not being allowed to divorce because the state does not recognize their Canadian gay marriage (see more in the Dish from July 20). We’re not espousing (get it? E-spousing? We’re online, their married. No?) a stance one way or the other on gay marriage but gay divorce is really something that everyone can agree on. The pro-gay marriage crowd can crow about the all-inclusive rights that gays have. The anti-gay marriage camp can see a gay marriage unravel and then point to it anecdotally as a failed marriage. Win-win? Who’s with us on this?

Note: It turns out that Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island. Weird, right?

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