New Comic Strip Chronicles Human-Robot Romance

New Comic Strip Chronicles Human-Robot Romance


He's doing the robot. Groan.

From The Courant By William Wier

"Diesel Sweeties," a comic strip by Richard Stevens, begins its one-month residency as The Courant's guest strip today.

It's something of a return home for Stevens, who grew up in Southington and attended (and later taught at) the Hartford Art School. He now lives in Easthampton, Mass., but still has family in the state. They don't know yet that Stevens' strip makes its Connecticut debut today.

"This is going to freak my mom out - she's going to love it," Stevens says over the phone.

The strip follows Clango, a robot, and his human girlfriend, Maura Glee. Besides the usual complications of romance, the two have to contend with society's bias against mechanical-organic relationships.

Tango’s Take Honestly, these robophobes are going to feel really silly one day. In fifty years, we’re going to look back and think that a robot-human relationship is no stranger than a Catholic marrying a Protestant (you know, it’s OK but still possibly frowned upon in some of the tougher precincts). Our guess is, and we’re seldom wrong about these things, is that there is some kind of metaphor at play here. Or the cartoonist is just a guy who thinks that robots boinking humans is hilarious. It’s odd that the robot is the male and that the female is human. Films like Blade Runner would have us think that of this as not the norm. We’re betting that robo-human marriages will be legal in Japan inside ten years.

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