Vegans Put Sex With Meat-Eaters Off the Table

Vegans Put Sex With Meat-Eaters Off the Table

From The Daily Mail

As a brush-off, "No sex please, I'm vegan", is likely to be a bit of a bolt from the blue compared to the usual excuses about having to rush off or the sudden onset of a splitting headache.

But apparently vegan women like actress Alicia Silverstone, and even men, could feel so strongly about not coming into contact with meat that they will rule out sleeping with someone who does not share the same attitude to food.

A study by the New Zealand Centre for Human and Animal Studies at Canterbury University asked 157 volunteers their attitudes on everything from wearing fur and battery farming to sex and relationships.

Their report found vegans were operating under a new kind of "ethical sexuality" and would reject meat-eaters as either sexual or long-term partners.

Tango’s Take This brings to mind a semi-popular song from the mid-nineties. Some of you may remember Deadeye Dick singing, “She don’t eat meat, but she sure likes the bone.” Clearly that is no longer the case. This really should not come as a surprise. Women (and men to some extent) have withheld sex as a bargaining chip forever. See another Dish From August 1st on why that may not be a good idea. We at the Dish have had a long-standing policy of not sexing up anyone until they’re attractive enough to meet our standards. Or we’ve had a lot to drink. Or they really throw themselves at us. This withholding sex is exactly what led to women’s suffrage. Brilliant.

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