Britney And K-Fed Are Now Officially Single. Look Out World.

Britney And K-Fed Are Now Officially Single. Look Out World.

Britney, Kevin Back to Being Single
From E!Online by Sarah Hall

The union that produced one Chaotic reality show, two baby boys and countless tabloid headlines is officially over.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon signed off on Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's divorce settlement Monday, making the split official.

Spears and Federline were not present for the ceremonial dissolution of their marriage, leaving the coffin-nailing to their respective attorneys, Laura Wasser and Mark Vincent Kaplan.

"I think she's okay with the terms," Wasser said of her client outside the court. "I think they were each hoping they would have more custody time, but hopefully that can be worked out."
Tango’s Take Now that the divorce is out of the way, K-Fed allegedly is looking for more custody, roughly full. This should come as no surprise following the OK Magazine photo shoot debacle (highlights: gowns used as napkins, doors unclosed during bathroom breaks, nothing tight, sexy or short enough, and roughly $14,000 worth of clothing and accessories missing). K-Fed looks like the best option for these kids. At this point, he’s getting $35,000 per month ($20,000 for spousal support and $15,000 for child support); we wonder how much that will increase if he gets the kids full time. We did not expect this. We were looking for K-Fed to be the next Bobby B, but this is better, we guess.

In Other Divorce News: It looks like the McGreeveys are at it again. Jim’s all, ‘she wore a weird outfit on Oprah and her book didn’t sell.’ And Dina’s all, ‘you were never there for us and you’re manipulating the media.’ And Jim’s all, ‘I’m a gay American.’ And Dina’s all, ‘you cheated on us, not just me.’ And this is not going to be pretty for anyone. Commence with the McGreeving.

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