No More Discounted Birth Control For College Students

From Drug companies are telling colleges the discounts are done.

For years, college students have been able to buy birth control very inexpensively. The drug companies offered the deeply discounted contraceptives to college health services. Colleges and universities tended to tack on a few bucks and sell them to students. But now, due to federal cutbacks, cheap birth control is a thing of the past. The drug makers have stopped the discounts as a result of the Deficit Reduction Act signed by the president.

Tango’s Take Thanks for nothing, Mr. President. College is supposed to be the consequence-free transition from childhood to adulthood. Need another week on that project? Maybe you tell a prof that your grandma has typhoid and needs you to rub her feet. Got thrown out of a bar for vomiting? It’s cool –  it was your 21st birthday. Having a hard time studying? Just tell the campus infirmary that you have ADD. And now, the most fun thing to do in college is being threatened. The college hook-up is a national treasure. Being able to have unprotected sex and being reasonably sure that no one is getting pregnant is what keeps our students going. We’re not sure who suffers the most here. Young woman who can’t finish school because they have a baby to take care of? Young men, because this out-of-wedlock baby makes their dad less likely to let them run the family company? Weird older guys who like to hit on college girls because they know flashing a little cash can go a long way in some college towns?

Society at large, because getting forced into a loveless marriages has a good chance of winding up in divorce with seriously damaged children? Oh well, pull and pray is still an option. So are (groan) condoms. We have a feeling someone is going to be very unhappy about this. We thought the next logical step was going in the opposite direction, providing birth control for free. Hopefully this balances some deficit or budget for someone; too bad it may end up costing more money later.

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