Steve Martin Gets A Stealth Marriage

Steve Martin Gets A Stealth Marriage


Forget Father of the Bride, Hollywood star Steve Martin was the one getting married this time in a surprise wedding ceremony.

The actor and funnyman married girlfriend Anne Stringfield in his trademark wacky style in front of 75 stunned guests who thought they had been invited to his home for a party.

Some of the celebrities treated to the shock nuptials included Tom Hanks and Diane Keaton.

Martin, 61, was sporting a moustache that he has let grow for his role as Inspector Clouseau in an upcoming sequel to the 2006 movie The Pink Panther, which co-starred R&B diva Beyoncé.
Tango’s Take A great idea from one wild and crazy guy. Steve Martin hasn’t even been engaged long – check out the Dish from July 20th (scroll down) for more on his engagement. If someone is looking to have a low-key wedding with a handful of their closest friends (no photogs), just invite them for a party and treat them to a wedding. This really doesn’t work for young couples depending on registry gifts. Unless they tell everyone that they are having an auction for charity and to bring their checkbooks. Hmm. This gets very complicated. How do you ensure that the turnout is good? With busy Hollywood-types it may be tough to get your best friends, the Hankses and Keatons, to show. Do you call and tell them it’s going to be a really great party, with a clown and a jump castle? Do you tell a couple people the truth? Would you take the risk that Dan Ackroyd wouldn’t blab?

In Other Celebrity Wedding News: It looks like Usher (Ursher) and fiancé Tameka Foster decided to call off (postpone) their wedding this past weekend. They only decided to tie the knot two weeks ago and word on the street is that Usher, Tameka, and Usher’s mom couldn’t get together on a lot of the important decisions (food, decorations, etc.) Plus who can promise to make it to a wedding in only two weeks? It takes at least that long to start thinking about planning what you might wear. And forget getting engraved Waterford his-and-hers crunk juice goblets in that time. It can’t be done. There is a vicious rumor out there that the whole scenario is a sham for Usher to sell more albums. That one of his songs is about having his heart broken by an older woman. Who would do such a thing? Playing the media and public like that. It’s just not right.

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