Lucky 8's becoming the next hot wedding date

Lucky 8's becoming the next hot wedding date

From New York Daily News BY Phyllis Furman

Fresh off the 7/7/07 wedding bonanza, 8/8/08 is shaping up as the next must-have, I-do date.

While it's still relatively early, reception halls, restaurants, caterers and photographers are booking up.

Couples are signing on, even though the triple eights fall on a Friday, a less desirable day for walking down the aisle.

Chinese brides and grooms are leading the pack. The number 8 is considered especially lucky in Chinese culture because the pronunciation sounds like the word for prosperity. Repeat it three times and you increase your luck. The Summer Olympics in Beijing will begin on 8/8/08 -- at 8:08:08 p.m.

Chris Chen, CEO of Dynasty Weddings, a New York wedding planner who caters to Chinese couples, has fielded 10 inquiries for the date so far.
Tango’s Take That may work in Beijing, but here in America weddings usually take place on Saturdays. The Friday wedding hasn’t really caught on yet. The Chinese are pretty good at solving problems, and their authoritarian tactics might work here. They could decree that there is an extra Saturday in August of 2008 and just make up the other Friday later in the year. TGI Fridays might be ecstatic with the arrangement; who’s going to hit them up on the first day of the Olympics anyway? Our advice is for you to not look for a major wedding day blitz like 07/07/07 of this year.

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