Somali Wedding Planners Rejoice In New Freedom

Somali Wedding Planners Rejoice In New Freedom

From Reuters By Guled Mohamed
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Women decked out in brightly colored gowns, gold jeweler and elaborate hairstyles dance with men to the slow tunes of Somali love songs.

A pianist, guitarist and female singer entertain the crowd packed into a small, stuffy hall for a wedding reception.

Such a scene would have been unthinkable in Mogadishu just months ago when a hardline Muslim movement ruled the seaside capital and much of southern Somalia, imposing sharia law and shutting down many forms of entertainment seen as un-Islamic.

But business is back after the interim government, with Ethiopian military help, in January ejected the Islamists and their strict form of Islam.
Tango’s Take When are the oppressors across the world going to realize that people really like having fun at weddings? Refraining from alcohol is one thing (and possibly a mistake). But banning dancing and festive outfits basically defeats the purpose of having a get-together at all. They might as well have outlawed flowers and smiling.
How do you think the people who got married during the dark times feel (other than happy to be alive)? It’s a little like how people who went to college in the early 90’s feel a little ripped off because everyone was scared of AIDS and wearing huge flannel shirts and generally a little afraid of sex. And now they watch MTV Spring Break in Cancun and punch themselves for not being a little younger. Sure, Somali weddings and spring break are always fun, but it’s a bummer when the new generation looks like they’re having waaaaay more fun.

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