Greg Norman Refusing To Finalize Divorce

From The Courier Mail
By Peta Hellard

GREG Norman is stalling on signing a nine-figure divorce settlement with his estranged wife Laura.

While the Great White Shark agreed to tentative terms in a brief settlement outlined five weeks ago, he is yet to sign a binding document to confirm the exact financial split of the couple's fortune, estimated to be worth about $300 million.

The stalling tactics could result in Laura Norman, married to the golfer for 25 years, losing tens of millions of dollars from the undisclosed figure agreed to by her husband during negotiations last month.

Lawyers for the estranged couple, who have two adult children, appeared in Florida's Martin County Court yesterday in a status hearing to update Judge Lawrence Mirman on the progress of the case.

Norman's lawyers told the court the 52-year-old had been unable to sign the documents because he had been away.

It is understood Norman, who did not appear in court, has been on an international holiday with his girlfriend, tennis great Chris Evert, since they visited Australia in late June to view a South Australian golf course he designed.

Tango’s Take

Wow. This is exactly the opposite of how most of ‘the Shark’s’ golf career has gone. Usually when he should have it all sewn up on the golf course, he panics and goes too fast. His wife’s legal team made a huge mistake by not getting Tiger Woods. If Norman knew that the Tiger was nipping at his heels, he might accidentally give his wife like 80% of his money and promise 120% of future earnings. Hopefully, he can just keep his head down, remember to follow through and take home the gold. It’s good that he’s got tennis great Chrissy Evert to fall back on.

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