Dating Site For Ivy League Grads Only

Dating Site For Ivy League Grads Onl

Membership. Has its privileges. Ha ha!

From The Boston Herald By Jesse Noyes

It can be hard being a single Ivy League graduate looking for love with a suitable companion.
But if you’ve made it into some of the nation’s most prestigious universities, at least one dating service wants to help you out. The, which bills itself as “the Ivy League of dating,” is a place for students, alumni and faculty from top schools to make a romantic connection.
“People tend to try to date people who have similar educational backgrounds as them,” said the site’s president and co-founder Dawne Touchings. “There’s a lot of nostalgia related to the time they were at college and their dating experiences there.”

Tango’s Take Finally, a place to go for people who are awesome, and know they’re awesome, to find other awesome people cognizant of their awesomeness. We hope that we’re talking about legacy Ivy League, not the new merit Ivy League. Sure, they want to be competitive at sports and brag about someone winning a Nobel here and there, but no one wants a roommate on scholarship who can’t be expected to chip in for the new living room plasma. Aren’t there alumni clubs and secret cabals that already arrange the marriages of most Ivy League grads? This might be worth looking into; we wonder if they accept the ‘Ivy League’ of Dawson's Creek, NC as worth letting in.

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