Sexy Adult Costume Sales Trending Way Up



Hillsborough, NC, July 26, 2007 --( Sinclair Institute sees a trend in sexy costumes that may be translated as Halloween all year long. "It is not surprising that a generation weaned on Star Wars, Superman and Batman would incorporate costumes into their love life in growing numbers," explains Martin Smith Director of E-Commerce at the Sinclair Institute, the parent company of "As actors know, you feel what you wear. Costumes are an easy way to add a new wrinkle in what may have become old routines. Our adult costume sales tripled last year, and we’ve added over 50 new varieties of sexy costumes this year to take advantage of the trend" said Mr. Smith.

YourTango’s Take
Tango’s been all over this, and evidently the nerds are coming out. Is it possible that there are more nerds than previously thought? Is it possible that the worldwide interweb has allowed traditional non-nerds to explore nerd behavior without the risk of ridicule? Costumes and role-playing (not Dungeons and Dragons, that’s still hard core nerd territory) are parts of ‘normal’ sex lives. It’s great that people are able to include sweet superhero costumes. Is Ross (David Schwimmer) from Friends to blame/praise for this trend? How many couples considered the gold Princess Leia bikini ‘in play’ after that? Comic books and sci-fi movies have long included sexy female outfits; it’s good that everyone is finally getting the hint that nerds want women to dress that way. Nerds.

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