Isla Fisher Blames Pregnancy For Forgetfulness

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Australian actress ISLA FISHER is suffering from amnesia - symptoms she believes are a direct result of her pregnancy.
The Wedding Crashers star is engaged to Borat funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen and is reportedly seven months pregnant - although the couple have yet to officially confirm they are expecting.
Nonetheless, Fisher blames her recent forgetful nature on her impending motherhood.
She says, "I have amnesia. I don't remember what I just said.
"Someone asked me what music I'm listening to right now and I said Nick Cannon, who's apparently like some rapper! That is obviously what I'm not listening to right now.

Tango’s Take

First of all, according to Kim Kardashian, Nick Cannon is not a rapper, nor is sex video partner Ray J. They are R&B singers.

It’s funny that stars are expected to ‘officially confirm’ that they are pregnant. “It just so happens that this big tummy is a baby, thank you all for coming to our press conference. Now don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Isla Fisher and Sacha B. Cohen seem like a great couple. We wonder what their kid(s) are going to be like? Logic would dictate that they will be hilarious and gorgeous. Who knows though? Maybe they’ve had some work done. Maybe they’ve had humor implants. For all we know the Fisher-Cohen children could end up at taxidermy school with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf’s tennis-hating kids.

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