Gainesville, Florida Initiates Domestic Partner Registry

Gainesville, Florida Initiates Domestic Partner Registry

Screw registering, let's go shopping.

From The Gainesville Sun By Jeff Adelson

Gainesville city officials were ready for a rush of couples waiting to sign up for the city's new Domestic Partnership Registry on Tuesday, its first day in existence.

But although the flow of new partnerships was more a trickle than a flood, city officials and activists praised the new registry and said they believed more partnerships would come soon.

Four couples registered with the city Tuesday, inaugurating a new program designed to give municipal recognition to relationships between unmarried individuals. The registry is open to same- or opposite-sex couples and, as was made clear with at least one couple, does not even require couples to be involved in a romantic relationship.

"This is what I expected," Commissioner Jeanna Mastrodicasa said. "I didn't expect 50 people to be here this morning."

Mastrodicasa noted that she was in Massachusetts when that state ushered in gay marriage, and only a handful of people in each city were married on the first day. She attributed the low turnout to couples who likely did not see the need to rush out and have their relationship recognized.
Tango’s Take Unless it’s the new Harry Potter book or movie, nothing comes in with a bang any more. Is everyone just apathetic about everything non-wizard related? It’s pretty amazing that Gainesville (home to the football and basketball National Champion Gators) is undertaking this effort. Granted that college towns are famously ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal,’ but Gainesville, FL is in the middle of north Florida. And as soon as you get away from the coasts in Florida, it gets pretty ‘conservative.’ It’s funny that the commissioner explains the low turnout by saying that people don’t feel the need to rush out and get their relationship recognized. Does that mean they’re largely closeted in Gainesville? Do some people just have the attitude that ‘well, sugar, we got each other, ain’t no one else’s business”?
Washington State also just introduced Domestic Registry. It was also somewhat underwhelming. Are people holding out for full marriage rights? Or is Tuesday just a weird day to get hitched on?

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