Australian Brothels Losing Revenue Because Of Dating Sites

Australian Brothels Losing Revenue Because Of Dating Sites

From The Courier Mail

THE sex industry is taking a spanking from online dating websites providing "adult" contacts with minimal costs to customers, according to business analysts.

Adult dating sites such as allow people to find sexual partners without the "moral difficulties" of visiting a brothel, said analysts IBISWorld.

"Internet sites promoting sexual rendezvous between strangers with no exchange of funds have seen strong growth in recent years," said IBISWorld general manager Jason Baker.

"These negate the need to pay for sexual gratification and sidestep many of the moral difficulties posed by soliciting prostitutes, making them a popular alternative."

But while the industry's traditional customers – young men – were spending more time hooking up online, Mr Baker said the number of female clients was set to grow.

"Given the increasingly sexual liberalisation of society, and particularly the sexual freedom of women, we anticipate the female customer segment will grow," he said.
Tango’s Take Wow. Talk about the law of unintended consequences. As it’s now easier to find casual hook-ups on line (thank you Craig’s List), hookers are finding it harder to make a buck the old fashioned way. Clearly, online porn is beating up the local neighborhood DVD Shops/peep shows. And amateur porn stars (largely online but occasionally in the back of a limo with Heather Graham and Burt Reynolds) are edging out the paid variety. It’s tough to make a living taking on five guys at once when some bimbo will do it for free. At least ugly people, the massively socially inept and those without computers will have to buy their sex the old fashioned way. It’s amazing that Internet dating is simultaneously killing romance and the sex industry. What’s the difference, anyway, between a brothel, a bordello and a whorehouse? Anyone?

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