Mutual Interest Sites Can Lead To Recreation And Romance

Wine at home couple

From The Denver Post By Sheba R. Wheeler The Internet hookup has matured. Logging on for companionship used to be mostly limited to looking for love, or something a little naughtier. But now more and more people are using the Web to keep active and be more social. Need a walking buddy, want to play some tennis or join a basketball league? Websites like these will help you get connected: # Denver-based, launched in 2004, now has more than 30,000 members across the United States participating in 120 sports. Players can find sports leagues and tournaments or teams to play on. Captains often use the site to fine new teammates. It offers male- and female-only competitive leagues, as well as coed ones. After games, members are encouraged to attend regularly sponsored "social events" at local bars and eateries that provide food and drink specials for neighborhood teams. Another feature allows members to keep their profiles "private" so only friends can access them on the site. Tango’s Take The article goes on to mention a few more sporty dating-friend sites. We’re thrilled with this trend. Where does a gal (or guy) that likes to play softball go? Conventional wisdom would suggest that she starts playing for the other team. But if she doesn’t swing that way, what’s she to do? She can join a co-ed squad. And if she happens to want to get to first base off her team’s pitcher, so much the better. We just ask that if the relationship goes sour that she can put aside her feelings for the sake of the team. There’s no crying in baseball, unfortunately that does not hold up for softball. From what we’ve observed it’s equal parts crying and actual playing. The good news is that knows what it’s getting into. The name literally means ‘play’ sports but the implication says you’re looking to get a couple of beers in you and maybe hit into a double play. Uggh. Check out a recent Tango Tease for more on niche dating. Read More Of The Original Article...