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Is Britney Spears Pregnant Again?

From The Daily Mail

In another twist to the troubled life of singer Britney Spears, friends of the star have said she is pregnant – and may not be sure who the father is.

According to reports, a source close to the star told Australian magazine NW that the 25-year-old had confided news of her pregnancy to close friends.

The source claimed: "She's been secretly filling her pals in on the good news since last week."

Tango’s Take
Wow. What if K-Fed wasn’t the one with the magic seed? What if Brit and SharJack both have crazy fertile uteruses (uteri?)? This could put a crimp in the K-Fed as super inseminator conceit. What if he is the father of the next Spears’ child? P-Nut and Tater Tot could have a little brother. We’re willing to bet that this one isn’t true. Did you hear about this Christina Aguilera is pregnant thing? It’s like it’s 1999 again and Xtina and Britney are competing for our affection. Maudlin.

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