“Dr Love” Helps Indonesians Learn About Sex

“Dr Love” Helps Indonesians Learn About Sex

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Jakarta - When Singapore's "Dr Love" invites you up to his hotel room, you don't say no. And once you're inside, he doesn't disappoint.

The doctor's got plans for educating close to the entire world about sex. The starting point is his laptop - and Indonesia.

Wei Siang Yu, nicknamed "Dr Love" for his flamboyant, non-conventional methods of sex education for Singaporeans, has now launched his innovative programme in the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Indonesians can send anonymous questions about sex via mobile phone text messages. And an avatar called "Nova" - a virtual character with artificial intelligence - will then answer.

Some might get a personal response from one of the Indonesian doctors on the panel behind "Nova". But all the queries will be compiled and responded to on the "Love Airways" website, where anyone can log on and learn, he says.

"It's a boarding pass - it's like a journey," the enthusiastic Australian-trained doctor gushes, as he logs on to the site.

Backed by Fiesta, a major condom brand in Indonesia, the site also features a sex forum where users can ask each other questions.

Tango’s Take Singapore is a bit repressed sexually. Sure, prostitution is legal there, but oral sex is illegal and punishable by caning. That’s a tough crowd. But Indonesia may be a whole different kettle of fish. That’s why Dr. Love (You need my love baby oh so bad / You're not the only one I've ever had / And if I say I wanna set you free / Don't you know you'll be in misery / They call me Doctor Love) has gone mobile and online. This seems like a product that could really make some money in India. Maybe the country that invented the Kama Sutra would be offended if a Singaporean tried to teach them about sex. Prophylactic education is always a good thing if not slightly unsexy.

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