First Lady Takes Center Stage in Argentina Race

From Reuters
By Cesar Illiano

LA PLATA, Argentina (Reuters) - Argentina's first lady launched her campaign to become the country's first elected female president on Thursday, pledging to deepen the economic course carved out by President Nestor Kirchner.

Polls show Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a powerful senator and her husband's top adviser, is the overwhelming favourite to win an October presidential election.

But a series of corruption scandals and an energy crisis dogging her husband could affect her campaign.

Fernandez unveiled her presidential bid in this provincial capital more than two weeks after Kirchner said he would not seek re-election and instead back his wife as the ruling Peronist Party's candidate.

Tango’s Take

Don’t cry for me Argentina! These Argentines aren’t shy about being in love with the wife of their country’s leader. Sure Nestor and Cristina Fernandez Kirchner are in a somewhat different position than Juan and Eva Peron and probably have less singing, but it’s still fun to compare. Nestor is probably going to say, ”I am retiring to spend more time with my family. And by family, I mean my mistresses. Haha. I kid. Seriously, I can make more money as DC lobbyist. Haha.”
We wonder if Hilary C. gets elected stateside what the first meeting with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner would be like. ‘So, your husband, Nestor, was president. And a charismatic man. He, uh, ever, uh, diddle one of his interns?’
We feel obligated to report news out of Argentina because our brand is named after a dance from there, what can you do?

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