Oklahoma Lawmaker Fights Lesbians’ Divorce

Oklahoma Lawmaker Fights Lesbians’ Divorce

Just let us be unmarried like every other gay couple in Oklahoma.

From Gay.com

The speaker of Oklahoma's House of Representatives has weighed in to two Tulsa-area lesbians' quest for a divorce, arguing the state doesn't recognize their Canadian marriage and so can't dissolve it.

Lance Cargill filed a motion this week in the Oklahoma Supreme Court to intervene in Cait O'Darling's quest to divorce her wife, Stephanie, the Tulsa World reported.

Saying that Cait O'Darling is questioning the constitutionality of Oklahoma's gay marriage ban, Cargill, R-Harrah, argues that state lawmakers have standing to intervene in such constitutional challenges.
Tango’s Take The article goes on to mention that the irony of the whole bit is that they are actually upholding a marriage that they don’t recognize by failing to grant a divorce. That’s a head scratcher. We’re surprised that someone with a spot of sense doesn’t just say, ‘uh, you’re not married here. That’s as close as we can grant you to a divorce. Someone is going to have to sue someone for division of assets. Sorry, that’s how we roll in Oklahoma, sugar.’ Maybe this is time for Oklahoma to embrace gay marriage. They could have an ad campaign with a couple hugging and pointing at Oklahoma on a map with the caption: 'We're Gay and that's OK!'
We wonder if their last name has anything to do with the divorce? How many times could you possibly hear a voicemail saying, ‘oh, darling. Can you pick up some maxipads on your way home’? It’s like the ‘honeydew’ list. Our guess is that the moratorium on that phrase is 4 or 5 before Nair put in their shampoo.

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