Adrian Grenier Has Had A Girlfriend For Two Years

From Contact Music

ENTOURAGE star ADRIAN GRENIER and swimsuit model MELISSA KELLER have gone public with their secret romance after reportedly dating for more than two years. Grenier, who plays Vincent Chase on the U.S. TV show, and the Sports Illustrated beauty were recently spotted holidaying together and now they no longer care who knows about the romance. The couple was spotted at a Los Angeles party on 14 July (07) and "seemed oblivious to everyone around them" as they kissed and cuddled, according to

Tango’s Take

Two years? Two years is a long time to be dating someone on the DL. Next they’re going to tell us that Turtle and Drama got a civil union at the end of Season One but didn’t want to tell Vince and E. Whatever. How could anyone hold onto who they’re dating for two years? ‘Noooo. We’re not dating. Come on, homey, you know me.’ We’re all for privacy, but how has someone not spilled the beans on this? We mean most people can’t even keep a new boyfriend from their friends for more that a month. We sat near Adrian Grenier at the SuperBowl in Detroit back in February 2006 and he was with some dude. Which proves nothing. This had better not screw up Entourage or The Devil Wears Prada II: And She Wears Chanel.

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