Visa Survey: Two-Thirds of Couples Spend Too Much On Their Wedding

Visa Survey: Two-Thirds of Couples Spend Too Much On Their Wedding

Maybe Crystal wasn't such a good idea for the champagne fountain.

Tango’s Take Couples overspend on their weddings. Also in recent news TicketMaster is a total rip-off. Highlights of the study of 1,000 Visa card holders:
The average that they spent on their wedding was $7,873
Two-thirds of them felt they spent too much.
16% of men felt they over-spent on their honeymoon.
21% of women felt that they over-spent on the food and libations.
11% of women felt they spent too much on a wedding dress.
Only 1% felt they spent too much on wedding photos. Those last forever.
36% of couples spent less than $1,000 on their wedding.
2% spent more than $50,000 on their wedding.

A) Yes, it’s a little lazy to use a newswire for a story.
B) Is this study a little skewed? We mean how many people actually open something from the credit card company that’s not a statement? Are these all people that are on thin ice with their bankcard and are waiting for the other shoe to drop?
C) This must be for just what the couples paid and not include parents’ contribution because isn’t the average US wedding like $25,000 these days?
D) We wonder if something happened at 21% of those wedding that the bride thought they spent too much on drinks. Fights? Grooms unable to perform on the wedding night? Holler at us.
E) What happened on the honeymoon that 16% of men thought that they spent too much? It better not have involved Hank Azaria in a Speedo.

Hopefully, this will make couples planning a wedding (and their Visa cards) feel like they’re not alone in this mad, mad enterprise.

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