San Diego Medical Clinic Specializes In Sex

San Diego Medical Clinic Specializes In Sex

Thanks, doc. Now how do I get her to do weird stuff?

From MSNBC By Brian Alexander

Next week in San Diego, Dr. Irwin Goldstein will open the doors of the nation’s first holistic, hospital-based sexual medicine center. San Diego Sexual Medicine will draw upon multidisciplinary fields to diagnose and treat the sexual complaints of patients, says Goldstein.

This could be a revolution in the treatment of sexual complaints. Or, others argue, it could be another step toward inventing disease to serve a pharmaceutical industry bent on creating expensive drugs to fix what isn’t really broken.

The need for some way for the medical community to better address sexual concerns was made clear during a presentation by Dr. Sandra Carson, an ob-gyn at Brown University and the editor of the journal Sexuality, Reproduction and Menopause. Carson practically begged the assembled doctors, mostly ob-gyns, to pay some attention to their patients’ sex lives.

Tango’s Take Finally, a place that we can all go to for our ED, VD and FOD (that’s Failure to Orgasm Disorder, feel free to use it) needs. It’s a sign of the times and a step in the right direction that these doctors are not solving all problems with pills or surgery. It’s a little surprising that this place is opening in San Diego. That repressive hippy, surf culture will never go for ‘the man’ telling them and their old lady how to ‘bone’ more effectively.

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