Heather Mills Rejects Paul McCartney's £20 Million Settlement Offer

Heather Mills Rejects Paul McCartney's £20 Million Settlement Offer


From The Telegraph By Joshua Rozenberg

Sir Paul McCartney has offered a divorce settlement worth £20 million to his estranged wife Heather Mills, according to reports circulating this morning.

The reports, which could not immediately be confirmed, said that Miss Mills was holding out for £50 million. At one stage it was predicted that the divorce settlement could leave the former Beatle with a bill for £200 million.

If the couples do not reach agreement, the case could be fought out in the High Court next year.

It is listed for a five-day hearing next February before Mr Justice Bennett, a Family Division judge.

Sir Paul, 65, and Miss Mills, 39, are using the two lawyers who acted in the divorce of the Prince and Princess of Wales.
Tango’s Take Macca low-balled old Heather Mills, huh? They’re been married since June of 2002, she’s entitled to roughly $100 million. We’d scoff at a measly $40 million. If you have a bad drug habit and kept the money in a non-interest bearing account, it could conceivably run out before you die. On the other hand, the Yankees are paying Alex Rodriguez about $25 million per year and he can’t hit in the playoffs, so $20 million per for five years of marriage to a pop legend may be the going rate.

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