Rehab Saved The Day For Keith Urban's Marriage To Nicole Kidman

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Rehab Saved The Day For Keith Urban's Marriage To Nicole Kidman

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Country star Keith Urban credits rehab with saving his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman.

The singer spent 90 days at the Betty Ford clinic in Palm Springs, California to treat alcoholism earlier this year (07).

And the 39-year-old is pleased he sought treatment because it dramatically strengthened his marriage to his wife of one year, Kidman.

He says, "My wife was away. She hadn't really been away before, and it came as a shock to me to be alone and not prepared for it; alone with this thing that I had, this big monkey on my back.

"Not going in would have cost me my career at the very least, and my marriage would have been gone, anyway. That real cleansing and surrendering everything is what was really needed for me.
Tango’s Take The last thing that Nicole Kidman needs is weird, secretive husband issues. He had to get himself squared away or risk falling off the gravy train. He would have a tough time finding another Aussie, superstar actress especially with Naomi Watts about to burst any day. We wonder what really goes on in the Urban-Kidman household. What if Nicole Kidman was the secretive one during her marriage to Tom Cruise? VH1’s Chelsea Handler would rather interview their neighbors to see what’s really going on with them. Also, she would have a better chance of getting them. Way to clean up for love (and career) Keith Urban.

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