Now There’s A Nasal Spray To Overcome Awkwardness

Now There’s A Nasal Spray To Overcome Awkwardness

From ANI

London, July 14 (ANI): University of Zurich researchers have created a spray that can relieve people of shyness, and help them socialise with others.

The spray is very easy to use, and an individual can boost self-confidence just by squirting it up the nose.

The researchers say that the spray harnesses the powers of a feel-good hormone called oxytocin, a neurotransmitter in the brain that is involved in social recognition and bonding.

The mammalian hormone is produced naturally by the body when a person is in love, and it also induces labour in pregnant women. The spray contains a synthetic version of it, created in the laboratory.

University researcher Dr Markus Heinrichs says that the spray was found to "dramatically" change the behaviour of 70 adults during a study. He says that all study participants had stopped feeling anxious, and started to engage better with others in the group.
Tango’s Take Wait isn’t there already a nasal product for this? Sure $50 per gram for Bolivian bang-bang powder is a lot to ask for. And it could lead you to jumping off a retaining wall on the way to crash your neighborhood swimming pool. And it might result in losing your job and home. Similar concept, less spectacular side-effects. No word on whether or not the spray makes every joke really funny. Instead of purchasing the spray, it might be better just to drink beer.

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