DC Madam: Client Senator Is A ‘Hypocrite’

From CBS News

(CBS) SAN FRANCISCO Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the California woman dubbed the so-called "D.C. Madam," called a former client and U.S. senator a 'hypocrite' during an interview Monday night with CBS San Francisco.

Her comments came hours after Republican Sen. David Vitter denied new charges that he had relationships with New Orleans prostitutes -- a week after admitting links to the Washington escort service run by Palfrey that federal prosecutors allege was a prostitution ring.

Vitter has run for office in the past espousing a 'family values' platform. When asked about the scandal surrounding him now, Palfrey told CBS San Francisco that Vitter is "truly the quintessential hypocrite," and added that the now-unfolding political scandal is playing out in the true of spirit of American democracy.

Earlier Monday, Vitter emerged from a week of seclusion by appearing at a news conference in Louisianna while holding hands with his wife, Wendy. He denied the New Orleans prostitution allegations and offered no indication that he would resign. He said he planned to return to Washington to resume work in the Senate.

Tango’s Take
See our Dish from July 10th for a little on the Vitter situation. At this point, Senator Vitter has spent a week in seclusion and his wife has given him very public support. So no harm, no foul, right? Maybe. The ‘alleged DC madam’ appears to have a chip on her shoulder and may be a little mad that Vitter stole her thunder by preemptively calling mea culpa. Vitter does not plan on retiring from his Senate position but will eventually have to defend himself possibly in front of a jury but definitely in front of the voters in Louisiana. He has vociferously denied charges that he had visited prostitutes back in Louisiana. Maybe their sentiment is that the loneliness of being away from home could drive a man to see a whore but that he would not do this at home. The ‘DC Madam’ case is only going to get bigger. We wonder how many good, upstanding lawmakers are going to have to make similar announcements in the coming weeks. Or be caught with their pants down (it’s a double entendre, thanks).

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