Rebecca Romijn And Jerry O’Connell Get Married On A Warm Day

Rebecca Romijn And Jerry O’Connell Get Married On A Warm Day


From E! Online by Marcus Errico

With the mercury pushing 100, one can forgive Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell if they sweated out their vows Saturday.

The camera-ready couple wed in an "intimate ceremony" at the Ugly Betty star's ranch outside Los Angeles, her publicist, Lewis Kay, tells People.

About 100 guests braved the boiling temperatures to see the erstwhile X-Men shape-shifter and her beau exchange "I do's" under a tree.

The wedding party included O'Connell's actor-brother, Charlie, as well as the couple's two dogs, according to Us Weekly.

The groom wore a tan suit, while Romijn was sheathed in a white floor-length Ralph Lauren gown and bejeweled in Neil Lane's finest. The newlyweds were serenaded by a gospel choir, per Us Weekly, and the reception featured a western theme, complete with barbecue, real wagon wheels and hay bales.

Tango’s Take When this whole Romijn-O’Connell thing started we were a little surprised. Sure, JOC seems like a decent enough guy. But come on, this is Rebecca Romijn. What was John Stamos thinking when this broke? ‘How is this direct-to-DVD dork picking up my leftovers? I’ve gotta find someone new. I gotta show her. Is there anyone hotter? Could I even get someone hotter? Oh, that’s right. I’m the Stamos. I’ll be all right.” O’Connell has really grown on us. His movie, Buying The Cow (with Ryan Reynolds), was a testament to a film knowing its audience and making the noble decision to skip a theatrical release. We wonder if Rebecca Romijn is going to hyphenate and slap O’Connell onto the hindquarters of her name.

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