Minneapolis No Social Security Number Required For Marriage License

Minneapolis No Social Security Number Required For Marriage License

It looks like we can get married after all. How about that?

From Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Hennepin County has agreed to end its practice of denying marriage licenses to people without Social Security numbers.

The agreement is part of an out-of-court settlement reached July Second with Shira Levenson and Miguel Acuna. They had applied for a marriage license in February in Minneapolis. The application was denied because Levenson's Peruvian-born fiance had arrived on a special visa for those about to marry US citizens and he didn't have a Social Security number.

The couple flew to Las Vegas to get married, but the 27-year-old Minneapolis woman also sued.

Tango’s Take Wow. This is fast. We ran a Dish on Friday (July 13th) about some counties requiring SS numbers for a wedding license. And now Minneapolis is doing away with this practice. This could have some unintended consequences. The law was originally enacted to help track down alimony and child support delinquents. God forbid that any of these marriages happen to fail and they need to track down some deadbeats. You would think that it really wouldn’t be an issue. How many illegal immigrants would move to Minnesota? It’s not exactly bordering the Rio Grande. And its climate doesn’t really resemble anything from Central America. We hear there are a lot of immigrants in Minnesota, though. Hey, come for weather and stay for the welfare.

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