Ron Perelman and Gina Gershon Are Just Friends

Ron Perelman and Gina Gershon Are Just Friends


From The New York Daily News By George Rush and Joanna Molloy

Ron Perelman and Gina Gershon are cruising the coast of Italy on his Ultima III — but friends assure us the 188-foot yacht is no love boat.

Our spies wasted no time phoning in after they saw how giddy the Revlon billionaire and the actress seemed at dinner on the Riviera Wednesday night.

"They were holding hands," says one witness. "He was putting his head on her shoulder. They were being very playful."

The snitch also found it suspicious that Gershon hid her face behind her purse when a photographer snapped her with Perelman.
Gershon has been turning up with Perelman at New York parties since his bitter split from fourth wife Ellen Barkin. But insiders swear he and Gershon are just friends.

"Gina has a boyfriend, just a regular guy," says one pal.
And Perelman is said to be back on with blond psychotherapist Anna Chapman. "Anna knows Gina’s on the boat," says a source. "Anna would have come too, but she couldn't get away."

Tango’s Take We are leaning towards believing that they are ‘just friends,’ though Perelman’s reputation does precede him. Gina Gershon seems like a tough lady, she may not be the sort of woman that Perelman wants to cross. Though Perelman’s ex Ellen Barkin seems tough, Gershon is in a different class. We’re watching this.

Other Unsubstantiated Hollyweird Rumors: Supposedly, Cameron Diaz is hooked up with environmentalist Englishman David de Rothschild. We’re not buying into this until we see signed affidavits from both parties. There have been too many Cameron Diaz romance rumors. Criss Angel is already getting divorced over these shenanigans.

Britney Spears is not dating her bodyguard as previously reported. We stayed from this one, but the Britney/ Whitney Houston parallels are scary. World in the palm of their hands and then the craziness. And K-Fed was once thought to be the white Bobby B.

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