Some Immigrants Denied Marriage Licenses

Some Immigrants Denied Marriage Licenses

From Associated Press By Travis Loller

A federal law that requires people to supply their Social Security number when applying for a marriage license has forced thousands of couples around the country, particularly illegal immigrants, to put their wedding plans on hold.

The law has been on the books for about a decade and was intended to make it easier to collect child support payments. But in some places it has prevented even legal immigrants and some American citizens from getting married.

Some couples are traveling to other states or other counties willing to issue them marriage licenses.

Jonadad Luque, a Honduran immigrant legally in the U.S., wants to marry his girlfriend, with whom he has two children, ages 1 and 5. But the county clerk in Nashville would not issue them a license because his girlfriend is in the country illegally and does not have a Social Security number.

Tango’s Take Part of the beef with the ‘illegals’ is that some people don’t think that they are assimilating or trying to assimilate. ‘They’ think the ‘illegals’ are just here for paychecks and our social services. According to the Michael Moore film Sicko, they would be better off going to the UK or France for those services. But we digress; part of assimilating and spending your paycheck in America is putting down roots. Getting married and having kids is fairly important to putting down roots. We’re not advocating, necessarily, that ‘illegals’ be given amnesty, but getting them into ‘the system’ is probably wise. Getting married helps most dudes get stable and deters them from joining violent gangs. We’re not so sure that Jonadad Luque is that psyched about getting married. The article suggests that they could go to another state (or possibly county) to get the license. But he’s a man of principal, it’s the county and state he lives in or nothing. This reminds us of a Dish that we ran on June 15th about an Indian man that refuses to marry until he gets his GED. He’s failed the test roughly 70 times.

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