Green Dating – Are You An Ecosexual?

Green Dating – Are You An Ecosexual?

Befriend the environment, but don't let this be you.

From By Heather Buchanan

The “green” buzzword has infiltrated our consciousness in terms of what we eat and how we recycle and when we drive to the store or walk. Now it’s even entered the equation of “Your carbon-footprint-free place or mine?” The question is: Are you an ecosexual?

A green date on the beach.
The concept of green dating used to be restricted to SWM seeks SWF to share life in yurt with long walks in protest rallies and vegan restaurants. But even if you don’t throw around words in personal ads like “family oriented pagan feminist certification training” or quote Mary Oliver poetry you may still want to incorporate environmental consciousness into your love life. Check out places like Project GreenHouse in East Hampton which shows a whole new way to live green luxuriously top to bottom ( and remember it’s all a learning process, and with dating green it is definitely the thought that counts.
Tango’s Take This is the second time that we have referenced the Hamptons’ fabulous work of Ms. Heather Buchanan. Check out our Dish from March 23rd to read about The Book of social registry. We’re not going to mince words about this ‘green’ dating. Frankly, we find the ‘green’ fever to be bordering on hippyism. We know that’s a fairly weighty charge to level, but if this new wave results in less washing of clothing and bodies and less shaving then we are completely against it. If kicking around a hacky sack or throwing ‘the dish’ (that’s ‘Frisbee’ for all of you gainfully employed types) replaces catching a movie as a good date idea, then we will not take this lying down. Heather Buchanan does have some good suggestions in her article, though. One of these ideas is showering together, which we’ve long advocated, even if you’re not dating.

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