The World’s Tallest Man Gets Married To An Average-Sized Woman

Tango’s Take
Too late ladies, the world’s tallest man is off the market. You know what they say about long facial features. Bao Xishun, the world’s tallest dude at 7-foot-9, was married to a 5-and-a-half-foot tall saleswoman called Xia Shujina. The tall guy (not Jeff Goldblum) met his special little gal via a worldwide advertisement. It turns out she was from his hometown. We bet that he’s kicking himself for thinking globally but acting locally. He probably could have saved some money. Bao Xishun is not only 27 inches taller than his wife, but also 28 years older than she is. He doesn’t look 56 though. We have always had a time guessing the ages of Asian giants. Yao Ming could be 18 for all we know. And who knows with that damn yeti. We’re wondering why he chose a bride that was so much smaller than him. Logistically, someone could get severely injured during their honeymoon. The should take advice from Shaq, who also has a relatively normal-sized wife whom we would have guessed would have been inadvertently ripped in half by now. Maybe there’s a manual or some weird positions that we don’t know about.

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