Vietnam Experiences A Down-Low Sexual Revolution

Vietnam Experiences A Down-Low Sexual Revolution

All in al;, it was a pretty good first date.

From Reuters By Grant McCool

HO CHI MINH CITY (Reuters) - A young woman lives with her boyfriend but hides it from her family, girls write blogs about love and relationships and couples seeking privacy cuddle in public parks at nightfall.
A "quiet" sexual revolution is unfolding in Vietnam, an intensely family-oriented society that holds strong traditions of women being married by their mid-20s and having children.

Huyen, a 30-year-old public relations executive, came to work in Ho Chi Minh City two years ago from Hanoi. After first staying with an aunt, she secretly moved into her boyfriend's apartment.

"I didn't tell my aunt," she said. "It is quite popular to move in together. Besides, Saigon is big and many couples who have moved together from other provinces live together."

Tango’s Take ‘I kiss my boyfriend when no one’s looking, hee hee.’ It’s good that Vietnam is having a quiet revolution. They’ve had enough of the radicals. We wonder if Jane Fonda is doing podcasts urging young Vietnamese to ‘do whatever you want, just keep it on the DL. Your parents’ generation has had enough heartache. The last thing they need to hear is that their only daughter has moved in with some performance artist from Hanoi. And please, please stop pirating Georgia Rule. We really need to keep the DVD receipts up to get the sequel Virginia OK made. Cám ón.’ In most cases quiet revolution is preferable, but fornicating in public places is a little déclassé. By the way, the Reuters writer’s name is Grant McCool, which really makes us lament that we were born Leonard Bin Colostomy Bag. We should consider a name change.

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