Charlie Sheen Is Engaged. To Be Married. To A Woman.

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Charlie Sheen Is Engaged. To Be Married. To A Woman.

Finally. Now that that Chaz Sheen is engaged to Brooke Mueller, he can get all of those wild ways behind him. He bought her a nice engagement ring (rumored price tag: $500,000, or roughly one and a half episodes of Two And A Half Men) and now they’re on their way. The two have been dating for about a year and maybe she’s a nice counterbalance, not being part of the whole entertainment ‘biz.’ She’s also not a call girl (that we know of). So all systems appear to be go. We’ve got a good feeling about this one. As long as Charlie can keep his gig on Two And A Half Men where he can exercise the ‘old Charlie’ a little. We’ll. All. Be. All. Right.

No word on whether or not Denise Richards is going to one-up Sheen by marrying someone even less famous and more stable. Her accountant has his fingers crossed.


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