Nerds Like To Date Online Too

From The Boston Globe
By Carolyn Y. Johnson

Joyce Dales went through 30 guys on before she found her Jedi Knight in shining armor.

"I was either too strange or they weren't strange enough," she said.

Eventually, she found and married Jeff Dales, a "recovering lawyer" from Nottingham, N.H., who was geek enough to sprinkle Star Wars references into his first flirtatious e-mails.

But the long list of rejections, from teachers and lawyers and other professionals scattered among the millions of profiles she encountered on popular dating sites, showed Dales that people like her had a problem: Online dating -- once the domain of geeks -- had gone completely mainstream.

"It's like the playground all over again. We're not the cool kids," said Joyce, 35, who last summer launched, a safe haven where the socially awkward can find that special someone who shares their dream of building a Hobbit Hole or love of jousting.

Tango’s Take
Tango has noticed a trend in nerd dating. Maybe we’re creating our own reality. Maybe we want someone to appreciate our tattoo of an alien with eyeballs on its fingertips that says (in Klingon) “I only have eyes for you.” Check out our Dishes from April 19th and June 19th for more on this trend. Dating sites are getting more and more niche. Is this a good thing? Isn’t there a phrase along the lines of “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?” Maybe her abhorrence of the X-Men will keep you from dressing like Wolverine to your job at the zoo. Then again, there’s a good chance that you and your buddies from the Dungeons and Dragons club will have to wear boring old tuxedos to your wedding rather than those sweet Jedi robes that you bought on eBay.

We’re not sure if we should lump this next one in with nerds or celebrities, but Brandon Routh, latest actor to play Superman, is engaged to his girlfriend Courtney Ford. And the stone of the engagement ring is a rock from Stonehenge. Hopefully it has some special sentiment to her as well. Or magical powers. Or semi-magical powers. We wonder if they met on ’Lil Lois Lane Seeking Man Of Steel. Can’t be too alien. Must believe in truth, justice and the American way. No super villains please.

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