Chinese Link Teen Pregnancy To Web Use

Chinese Link Teen Pregnancy To Web Use

KFed4Life, do u want 2 meet up?

From BBC News

Nearly half of all teenage pregnancies in the wealthy Chinese city of Shanghai have been blamed on increased access to the internet.

A doctor who runs a helpline for pregnant teenagers in the city reports that many of the girls said they had met the boys they had sex with online.

The news will disappoint China's ruling Communist Party, the BBC's James Reynolds in Beijing says.

The government has made policing the internet a priority.

It is concerned about people having access to internet sites that might be deemed harmful to the morals of the Communist state, our correspondent adds.

Tango’s Take Clearly, if they’re getting pregnant over the interweb, the Chinese are doing it waaay differently than we are. We mean it’s been reported that Chuck Norris can impregnate a woman but looking at her and saying ‘boo yah,’ but this is new for us.
Correction: We didn’t read the whole article. The Chinese teens are meeting each other online and doing it in the flesh. Whew. For a second we thought that the Chinese had leapfrogged us in terms of cybersex technology. We expected it from the Japanese but we thought China came out of nowhere. This scare shouldn’t go unheeded though. Most likely the Chinese government will close down the country’s access to the interweb rather than let these teens continue boinking unabated.

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