In UK: Marriage Tax Breaks Plan By Tories

In UK: Marriage Tax Breaks Plan By Tories

From The South London Press

Married couples would get a tax and benefits boost potentially worth thousands of pounds a year under a Tory strategy to avert family breakdown.

A major policy review commissioned by David Cameron calls for spouses to be allowed to transfer any unused tax allowances to their partner.

The Conservative social justice policy group said the move would particularly help single-earner couples where one parent stayed at home with young children.

Under the proposals, set out in a bumper report entitled Breakthrough Britain, disincentives for couples to stay together would also be removed from the benefits system.
Tango’s Take Sure this is taking place ‘across the pond,’ but as Michael Moore pointed out to us in Sicko other countries do everything better than America and felt like piling on. Britons have been ‘up in arms’ about the ‘marriage penalty’ inherit to their tax code. Essentially, the new plan would allow spouses to transfer unused credits to their spouse. This pro-marriage is largely in reaction to the granting of marriage-like rights to cohabitating couples. The lawmakers, most of whom are probably married, believe that marriage is very important to social structure. It’s mildly harder for married couples to split up and so that confers some level of security to children. And they’re nicer to other kids and those kids are nicer and so the whole bloody country pays it forward and they enjoy a renaissance and the Empire is returned to its former glory because everyone just wants to be English. Best of luck with that.

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