Ex-Astronaut: I Wanted to Clear Up Love Triangle

One small step for man, one giant leap off the deep end.

From Associated Press

ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- Former astronaut Lisa Nowak told a detective she came to Orlando to meet her rival for the affections of a fellow astronaut because she wanted to know where she stood in the bizarre love triangle, according to a police interview made public Monday.

Lisa Nowak was fired by NASA after she was charged with attacking a romantic rival.

A 72-page transcript of the interview conducted after her February arrest, with portions redacted, was released by the State Attorney's Office.

In it, Orlando Police Detective Chris Becton asks Nowak about why she wanted to meet Navy Capt. Colleen Shipman in a parking lot at the Orlando International Airport.

Nowak, 44, is accused of attacking Shipman with pepper spray directed through the window of her car and trying to jump into the vehicle. She has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary with assault.

Tango’s Take We’d sort of forgotten about this one. It sounds like Nowak A) just didn’t want to be alone; and B) desparately needed to talk to someone about her problems. Despite being told by detectives that she had the right to remain silent, et al, she couldn’t get her story out quickly enough. This was a tough situation for her. She probably couldn’t discuss it with family or co-workers, seeing a therapist could have jeopardized her standing in NASA and Catholic confession is right out (she’s a scientist for Pete’s sake). So the only option left was drive all night and (allegedly) attempt to kidnap and interrogate/ debrief her rival. It’s too bad that the judge didn’t seal that record. Most people have done or said or written in blood things that they would not like to be made for public consumption. And Nowak’s lawyer has knocked one of the most fun parts of the story out. He’s poo-poo-ed the idea that she was wearing a diaper. So now it’s just a sad story of one rejected woman trying to take out her rival.


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