Wedding Trashers: Why Brides Are Destroying Their Dresses

Wedding Trashers: Why Brides Are Destroying Their Dresses

From Salon By Izzy Grinspan

In a kind of rebellion against America's wedding mania, an increasing number of brides are trashing their dresses and having photographers capture these moments of rage.

Weddings present a staggering array of decisions. Nobody wants to obsess over after-dinner mints, but what if you're remembered forever as "those cheap, mintless bastards"? Then there's the venue, the flowers, the invitations. Recently, one more item has crept onto this mind-bendingly long list: What is the bride going to do with her dress after the ceremony? Preserve it, give it away -- or wreck it?

The past year has seen the rise of a gleefully destructive post-wedding ritual: the "trash the dress" photo shoot, in which the bride models her gown while romping in the ocean, climbing up a fire escape, rolling in the mud, or, in at least one occasion, riding a horse. These sessions take place after the wedding. Sometimes the groom is around; sometimes he's not. The resulting photos often exude a gentle gothiness, like album covers from bands playing the second stage of the Lilith Fair circa 1997.

Tango’s Take Now this is a fun trend. “I’m married. And I love my husband. But, I’m not just a bride, mother and wife. I’m a woman with feelings and ideas. And I’m not going to let this lacy, frilly, beautiful gown that I’ve dreamed of wearing my whole life define who I am. You, you, you oughta know!” Brides destroying their wedding dresses set to fem-alt rock or Sarah McLachlan could be a number one YouTube video. We guess no one (outside of Mrs. Havisham, and you're welcome for the Great Expectations reference) really wears her wedding dress after the big day. Let’s just hope that these women are destroying their dresses (dramatic pause) for the right reasons, whatever they might be.

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