Global Sex Survey: Average Age Of ‘First Contact’ Is 19

So, son, when did you first 'dip your wick?'


More than a quarter of people in the UK are still not using contraception when they lose their virginity, according to a global sex report. The Face of Global Sex 2007 shows people across the world are now more likely than ever before to use contraception when they first have sex. But figures in the report from the Durex Network reveal 26.2% of people in the UK are still choosing not to practice safe sex when they have intercourse for the first time. The study also showed more than 10% (13.9%) of people in the UK were under the influence of either drugs or alcohol and 17.8% felt under pressure when they lost their virginity. Greece topped the "safe sex" poll with 88% of virgins using contraception when they first have sex, followed by Poland with 86% and Thailand with 84.2%, compared to the UK on 73.8%.

Tango’s Take This story has been reported in a handful of British, Indian and Chinese outlets. The Asian newspapers appear to be focusing on the fact that surveyed Indians and Chinese waited until an average age of 22.9 and 22.1, respectively, to give it up. These shy Asians were about 3 years off of the global pace of 19.25. This brings up an important question involving engineers, virginity and Asia. We’re not sure what the question is, exactly, but it involves Asians being good at engineering and engineers being virgins. We’re a little surprised that only 13.9% and 17.8% of Englanders were wasted or felt pressure to put out, respectively, for their first time. Those things just seem like rites of passage in America, if teen comedies and teen-focused sitcoms are to be believed. Read More Of The Original Article…

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