Scott Baio Looking For Love On New VH1 Show

From ABCNews
By Sheila Marikar

Scott Baio, the layered-haired, Brooklyn-bred veteran of "Happy Days" and "Charles in Charge," is returning to the small screen for a show he never imagined himself headlining during his heartthrob heyday:

"Scott Baio is 45 ... and Single."

The VH1 reality series, premiering July 15, follows Baio as he tries to figure out why he can't settle down with a woman. Rather than go it alone, he hires a life coach to whip him into marriageable shape, which means separating from his current girlfriend and confronting his exes about what went wrong. For the former sitcom star, documenting the whole painful process seemed natural.

"At the end of the day I'm going to do it anyway, so why not combine these two," Baio said about accepting a production company's pitch to do the show. "If I was just a complete nobody, that would be a little awkward, but a lot of the stuff I've done has been documented."

Tango’s Take
It’s hard to remember that Scott Baio was so cool back in the day. He was like Charlie Sheen mixed with Matt LeBlanc and a touch of Brett Ratner and Hasselhoff. The guy strung together an impressive run of TV. He went from Happy Days to Joanie Loves Chachi to Charles In Charge. And if you check out his IMDB page, he’s never been totally out of work. VH1 has dialed in on one main thing. America loves a redemption story. More accurately, VH1 America loves to see the mighty fall and be rehabilitated through humility. The stars love it because they stay in the public eye. And fans love it because they get to famous people go crazy. If we could go back in time and start two things: one would be sampling 80’s music to rap music and the other would be getting has-been celebrities in compromising situations. Best of luck figuring out how things went south, Scott Baio. Hopefully, this will get you on top again so you can appreciate the old days more. Screw it. Just do the same old stuff. It’s easier. We just hope that Willie Aames (Buddy Lembeck) is prominently involved.

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