Guy With Business Week Thinks Technology Is Ruining Relationships

Guy With Business Week Thinks Technology Is Ruining Relationships

Man. I totally forgot to go to my Guys Who Think They're Ethan Hawke meeting.

From The Boston Herald By Jesse Noyes

First the iPod and now the iPhone.
As if our constant yammering on cell phones and turned up MP3 players weren’t distracting us enough. Now we want to combine the two?
For Bruce Weinstein, our culture’s increasing fervor for the latest technological gadgets is creating a new phenomenon. He calls it “iSolation.”
“Our social fabric is in danger of being ripped to shreds as we swap electronic connection for personal relationships,” Weinstein wrote last Friday in his “The Ethics Guy” column on
To Weinstein, a professional ethicist, the droves of people - especially young folks - spending hours upon hours chatting on cell phones, instant messaging and making so-called “friends” on social networking sites like MySpace [website] represent a major threat to the real connections we once made just waiting to buy fruit and vegetables.
“Whatever distinction used to exist between public and private life is all but gone, as one can witness on any city street, bus, plane, or shopping mall,” Weinstein wrote. “Waiting in line at the grocery store or the post office used to mean striking up a conversation with the person in front of you. It now involves blurting the intimate details of one’s love life into a cell phone for all to hear, or scrolling through a playlist for just the right song, or surfing the Web for something we want but don’t really need.”

Tango’s Take Clearly the distractions are to blame. Let’s blame the guy who invented the chainsaw for the destruction of the rain forests. We’ve heard it said that technology has evolved way faster than our ability to constructively use it. And that emotionally we are about as advanced as cave men. According to the article, the utility of our modern conveyances lies in not working for them. So, as always moderation appears to be the best policy. Moderation and honesty. And cleanliness. And first do no harm. On a side note: we can’t believe that there is a job called ‘professional ethicist.’ Do you have to know at least a dozen pithy sayings that can be applied to any situation for that gig? And finally, we got to play with an iPhone over the weekend. Good scene. Good times.

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